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Camel Tanks Pumps and Accessories

Camel Tanks has a large range of pumps and accessories available for domestic, commercial and rural use. Our range of products includes everything from leaf strainers and filters to commercial grade pumps for the most demanding of applications. Ask one of our friendly staff about what pump would suit your next Camel Tank purchase.

For a full range of pump products check out these brochures.


DAB pumps are design to handle the punishing Australian climate.

With 30 years experience in the industry, producing pumps known to last 20 years, DAB offers a comprehensive range of pressure systems that can really handle the pressure.

Uniquely designed, compact, self sufficient and efficient, DAB pumps are ideal for all domestic, civil, rural and industrial uses. All DAB pumps come standard with a 2 year warranty. If you want a pump that's built to last, reliable, easily serviced and reasonably priced,you'll definitely want Australia's best.




The Leaf Eater® and Leaf Beater® downpipe rain heads are multiple screen rain heads that fit to downpipes and deflect leaves and debris away from the flow of water.



First Flush Water Diverters capture the first, and most contaminated rainwater from the roof and gutters, automatically diverting the subsequent cleaner rainwater to the storage system.

Critical component for every rainwater harvesting system.



Make the most of all the fresh, clean rainwater falling on your roof, and fowing down your gutters. With a rainwater tank and a Rainsaver MKIII rainwater harvesting control system, you can use your valuable free rainwater every day.

The Rainsaver MKIII integrates the water in your rainwater tank seamlessly with your mains water supply. You don't have to do a thing, because Rainsaver MKIII is intelligent.

Not only does Rainsaver MKIII help you to save money on water bills, it helps you to conserve water.


Leaf Pooper

The self flushing leaf filter that mounts above your tank inlet strainer.

Leaves are flushed through the Leaf pooper, bypassing your tank inlet, so you don't have to clear out the strainer.

Leaf pooper overcomes many problems of conventional leaf filters and is conveniently mounted above the tank inlet.



Made in Australia, YAKTEK water tank level gauges are built to last with quality materials, backed with a 5 year warranty. Yaktek is Australia's leading water tank level indicator manufacturer.

In 1985, YAKTEK industries began producing the LEVETATOR, still the most popular water tank level indicator in Australia. The basic design has remained the same, with some minor improvements from time to time.

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