4,950 Gallons

31,500kg Molasses



Inlet Height 2.48m

Diameter 3.50m

Apex Height 2.73m

Model 5000 Molasses

Sales Tax Included
  • We are able to supply molasses storage tanks from 350 gallons (1591L) right up to 5272 gallons (24,424L). 

    Although we use the same mould as our water tanks (this allows us the ability to produce such a wide range of sizes) we manufacture molasses tanks differently to rainwater tanks. The walls are manufactured much thicker than a standard rainwater tank in order to withstand the weight of the product. We also weld all fittings onto the tank, to ensure no leakages!

    Our tanks are delivered ready to use. 

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  • Camel Tanks 10 year Repair or Replace Guarantee (non pro rata —our product does not depreciate in value)


    Camel Tanks guarantees to repair or replace (at our discretion), any defect or fault in a Camel Tank Water Tank that is caused by our manufacturing process for a period of ten ( 10 ) years from the date of original purchase, in /mainland Australia only, provided the tank has been correctly installed according to instructions provided by Camel Tanks.


    Camel Tanks also guarantees to repair or replace (at our discretion), any defect or fault in tanks other than for water storage for five (5 ) years and all other products for five years (5 ), if failure is caused by our manufacturing process, in mainland Australia only, provided that the product is being used for its intended purpose.  These guarantees are subject to the following conditions:


    • The guarantee is granted to the original purchaser and is transferable to any heirs or successors in title thereof, provided that the tank is located on the original site or relocated from the original site by Camel Tanks, which will be at the owners expense.
    • The guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the tank only, at the sole discretion of Camel Tanks.  Camel Tanks is not liable for any consequential losses including loss of profits or damage to property or any other associated costs that may occur when repair or replacement of the tank is carried out. Repair work is undertaken at ground level, so tanks that are located on stands must be bought down to ground level before Camel Tanks can commence repair work.


    Note: that expenses such as landscaping, plumbing, electrical, costs of lifting equipment and hire of additional labour are at owners expenses. Bringing tanks down from stands or digging them out of the ground for repair work is also at the owners expenses.


    • The guarantee does not apply to the tank colour which may in time fade or change.
    • The guarantee applies to the one piece polyethylene structure of the tank and does not extend to fittings such as the strainer, outlet, valve, tap, overflow or any other fittings.
    • Any accessories supplied but not manufactured by Camel Tanks will be covered by the relevant manufacturer’s warran